easy to use

9POS app is simple to use with simple navigation and works well with any android device.

safe & secure

the 9POS terminal is PCI-DSS compliant and works with WiFi and bluetooth.


pay 0.75% capped at N1,200 per transaction for all major debit and credit cards.

sales tracking

real-time tracking of sales from your mobile device with instant electronic receipts via SMS or email

integration with vertical apps

9POS app integrates with vertical apps to help grow your business.


receive your payments from card transactions into your bank account within one-to-two business days.

how it works

  • merchant launches 9POS app on the smartphone and enters login credentials
  • merchant selects "payment" and then selects "purchase"
  • to complete transaction, merchant select receipt type; either "sms" or "email"
  • click on "next" to connect Smartphone automatically pairs with the card reader via Bluetooth.
  • input "amount" & "pin" via the keypad on the card reader and press enter
  • customer’s card is debited and the merchant gets a receipt while the customer gets an sms or email.

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vertical apps

9POS retail

Currently we have an innovative application and product tailored to solve current pain-points in inventory management and payments in retail stores.

9POS Retail gives businesses the ability to accept credit card payments. It is more than a convenient payment service, the app works just like a real point-of- sale terminal at a restaurant or clothing store.

Download 9POS Retail.

9POS Retail is available on Google Play.

9POS Logistics

9POS Logistics is a logistics management App with a solution to manage pay on delivery transactions. 9POS Logistics helps in delivery tracking, provides pick up and drop off tools,back end tools for dispatch monitoring and reconciliations.

It also provides industry solutions for multiple e-commerce sites.

Download 9POS Logistics.

9POS Logistics is available on Google Play.

9POS Restaurant

9POS Restaurant is an innovative application and product tailored to solve current pain-points in order management and payments in restaurants.

This solution will provide an easy and intuitive way for customers to select orders from an electronic menu list at a table or plate level and also provide a payment mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution that works seamlessly at the table for collection.

Download 9POS Restaurant.

9POS Restaurant is available on Google Play.


Do you have a giving spirit and a charitable heart? Then 9POS NGO is an application (app) that will help your organization with collection of donations in charity organizations and tithes/offerings in church. 9POS NGO allows users to make payment from their phones or tablets.

The application allows you to view upcoming events, video streaming and also allows scheduling of recurring payments from the application.

Download 9POS NGO.

9POS NGO is available on Google Play.


9POS is handy and mobile. It is also a secure and faster way to receive payments from your customers.
9POS solutions can be utilize on android phones, tablets, and PDAs. the feature set of the 9POS solution may vary according to the type of mobile device used.
simply enter the necessary information into the boxes on the homepage and click Submit. You will be contacted with more information on how to get the device or Visit the nearest 9mobile experience Centre.
the 9POS payment application allows the merchant to set up configuration details such as the merchant name, sales tax, and prompts for gratuity, and also to initiate a transaction by entering details like the transaction type and amount on the mobile device.

the authorization of payment is completed after the card has been inserted, the pin entered and the enter button is pressed the authorization of payment is completed after the card has been inserted, the pin entered and the enter button is pressed
yes you can process local transactions i.e. transactions with Nigerian currency; as long as you have internet connection via a mobile network or wi-fi
verve, masterCard and visa debit/credit cards
simply dial 700 from any 9mobile number or Dial 0809.999.0660

request a demo

visit a 9mobile experience centre and request for a demo

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